Strategic HR Initiatives @ AAL

Building Leadership Pipeline:

AAL is constantly striving to build leadership pipeline through its SDP (Succession and Development Planning) and training program. The key objective of SDP process is to identify successors for leadership positions, highlight talent across the organization and identify career development opportunities for our employees. We have successfully rolled out SDP process during FY13 for our management staff to build and strengthen the leadership pipeline.

Carried out 360 degree feedback survey for 32 leaders as part of their leadership development program on “lead self and lead others forum” followed by IDPs (Individual Development Actions). The aim is to develop future leaders which will enable them to reach the goals set by the organization and align them with the ultimate organizational strategies.

Invest in High Performing Team:

The Company is consistently driving pay-for-performance culture by facilitating robust awareness and implementation of performance management system with 80% weightage on performance and 20% weightage on leadership behavior.

Company is focused to strengthen employee engagement to achieve higher levels of performance by improving culture survey scores as well as positive employee relations and driving HR Initiatives such as employee engagement, rewards and recognition, communication and succession development planning. Company is also driving to build a diverse and inclusive culture through improvement in retention, moves/promotions, job rotations, resource re-deployment and recruitment.