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Products manufactured at AAL are based on technology provided by Meritor Inc.,USA, through Meritor HVS (India) Ltd,India

With manufacturing facilities located at Mysore, the company is currently one of the largest independent manufacturers of Rear Drive Axle Assemblies in the country and with around 27 years of axle-producing experience and advanced gearing technology from Meritor HVS (India) Ltd, has been manufacturing reliable, long-life heavy duty drive axles . This capability allows the company to meet the steer, drive and trailer axle requirements of customers in the addressed markets. The Marketing and Field Service Support is provided by Meritor HVS (India) Ltd

  • High efficiency gearing
  • Integral brake to axle design and manufacturing capability.
  • Wide ratio availability
  • Weight optionised designs
  • Driver operated differential locks
  • Worldwide availability

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